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World’s first modular electric vacuum lifting system.

Vacupod is a fully self sufficient vacuum generator that can be coupled with other Vacupods to achieve new levels of efficiency, safety and flexibility for vacuum grippers. The system serves as an industrial building block that powers a smarter and more sustainable way of lifting heavy objects.



Configure-to-order robotic tooling

Toolit is a range of vacuum lifting tool for cobots that can be configured to match the size of an object. Stability and safety are greatly improved because the suction cups are placed at the corners of the object. This means that a Toolit  is much better at lifting boxes and other large objects than conventional tooling.



Intelligent vacuum gripping power tool

Powergrip is an innovative powertool for manually lifting heavy objects. It can create an ergonomic handle on almost any flat object using a powerful brushless vacuum pump and a biomimetic suction cup. The powertool monitors the vacuum in the suction cup and displays the amount of weight that can be safely lifted on a rugged LED-matrix display.


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SUCCOR designs and builds cutting-edge material handling systems

The ability to move and manipulate heavy objects is a fundamental building block for all modern production processes.

We aim to provide a solution for every lifting problem by breaking it down into a series of standardized building blocks. In combination with our configurable gripper technology Succor creates tailored solutions without having to start from scratch.

We work together with companies that share our vision and want to improve their existing product line or develop new products. Our systems provide a lasting competitive advantage by meeting and exceeding industrial standards for energy efficiency, safety and user friendliness.


To power our vision we have acquired a broad knowledge base that spans the entire product development process. Please feel free to get in touch if you have a project that could benefit from our knowledge.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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