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SUCCOR started out at the University of Twente as a research project in which we developed a new design method to translate the amazing capabilities of organisms found in nature into practical technical solutions. This method was first applied to naturally occurring suction cups, like the ones found on the octopus and clingfish, to make vacuum lifting technology, lighter, more versatile and more efficient.

The name SUCCOR, which comes from the old English word succour, means giving assistance or aid to someone. Our products aim to alleviate the stress that physical labour imposes on the body. They offer workers a better way of lifting large and heavy objects without running the risk of developing serious injuries, like chronic lower back pain.


To eliminate work-related lifting injuries by developing a range of vacuum lifting equipment that can be used under any circumstances.


A world wherein technology helps people to life a more healthy, productive and fulfilling life by reducing the burdens imposed by repetitive physical work.

Tjitte de Wolff


” Every worker should be able to work without running the risk of developing a serious injury.”